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Divorce Attorneys for Women

by Loralee Weston

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Divorce attorneys for women need to have the experience necessary to deal with the situations that are unique to women. Domestic violence is one of those issues. Divorce lawyers need to have the knowledge to recognize the problem because the problem may not always be offered up by the women that are involved.

Divorce Attorneys for Women Deal with Domestic Violence

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  • Proving domestic violence — most women are not willing to hold their abusers responsible for their actions in the beginning. There is always an excuse. So there may be few records proving the domestic violence. A good divorce lawyer needs to understand how to find the proof and how to prove the domestic violence even with limited proof.
  • Protecting through the process — domestic violence may not be the reason for divorce but it might occur because of the divorce. Divorce lawyers familiar in cases like these should put a system into effect that will protect the women during the divorce proceedings and even after the proceedings are completed.
  • Recognizing the signs — divorce attorneys should learn to recognize the potential for abuse. Women who have children other than the current spouse may be at higher risk for domestic violence after the divorce process has started. Women with spouses that have threatened violence or that have a substance abuse problem are at higher risk to be victims of domestic abuse.
  • Pushing through the courts — divorce cases that involve domestic abuse need to go before the judge. The attorney should be willing to push to make that a reality.
  • Becoming an advocate — a lawyer or law firm may need to be more than legal support when it comes to domestic abuse. Women may need to be encouraged to speak up against their abusers. It is important for the divorce process that women are willing to talk about the abuse so that judges will have the information that they need to make the right decisions about custody and visitation.

Divorce never seems to be easy but it can get messy when domestic abuse is involved. Divorce lawyers for women need to have knowledge and experience with domestic violence. It is not the only unique issue that women face when dealing with divorce but it can be the most dangerous.

Good divorce attorneys need to understand how to prove domestic violence in order to protect their clients through the divorce process and after the divorce is completed. It is also important that attorneys learn to recognize the signs of domestic violence and also the warnings that domestic violence is a possibility.

The divorce process is different for each situation but divorce lawyers should be aware of the domestic violence that may lead to divorce or that may come because of the divorce proceedings.

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