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Divorce Attorneys for Men

by Loralee Weston

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Finding the right divorce attorney will be a different journey for each person. Men need to look for a divorce attorney that has experience and knowledge in their unique needs. Finding a divorce attorney for men requires an understanding of those needs that will be different when coming from a man’s perspective.

Issues for Divorce Attorneys for Men

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  1. Paternity Fraud — a good divorce attorney for men needs to understand how to expose paternity fraud through the use of DNA testing. Paternity fraud does not only hurt people financially but can hurt men and children emotionally. It also helps for the divorce lawyer to understand how to overturn child support requirements for those men that have been put into the position because of paternity fraud.
  2. Paternity Rights — many courts still view the mother as the best parent for children to go with if a divorce occurs. Divorce attorneys for men need to know what rights fathers have and the best way to make sure that courts recognize the fathers as fit parents. Paternity in some states is established by the name on the birth certificate or the simple act of marriage. The best divorce attorney will be able to navigate through the paternity issues aggressively and with a successful outcome.
  3. Child Custody for Fathers — fathers often struggle with custody issues due partly to the courts leaning towards the mothers as the better single parent. The lawyer needs to have an understanding of the uphill battle for custody. The best divorce attorneys for men are those that have had success in winning child custody for fathers.

There are always individual issues when it comes to divorce. Men and women also face different issues. Finding a divorce attorney that can handle these different issues is essential to arriving at the outcome you want from your divorce proceedings.

Men filing for divorce or just going through divorce will face unique issues. Finding divorce lawyers that specialize in the issues that men face will make the divorce process a little easier.

Good divorce attorneys for men should have a strong background in paternity issues, including paternity rights and paternity fraud. It is also important that the attorney has experience and success with child custody for fathers.

The divorce process is not often easy for anyone. Choosing the right divorce lawyer will at least make the process a little less painful. Not all divorce attorneys are right for all situations. There is a difference between men and women and that does include the process of hiring a divorce attorney. Divorce lawyers for men will need a different background to help reach a successful outcome in the divorce proceedings.

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