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The process of going through a divorce can be stressful and intimidating. With so much at stake, and so many thing happening quickly, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

There’s a lot to be decided in a divorce — everything from dividing real estate and property to separating debts. If there are children involved, issues like custody, visitation and child support must be decided as well.

If you’re going through a divorce and looking for legal guidance, a divorce attorney can be a valuable resource. Connect with a divorce lawyer near you today — simply fill out the form below to get started.

What Happens During A Divorce?

Each state establishes its own divorce laws, so the divorce process will greatly depend on where you live. However, most states follow a general process that typically includes:

Marital Separation

In many states, a married couple must spend some time living apart before they can file for divorce. This may be difficult in households that rely on both spouses’ income, but the court may recognize living in separate bedroom as “separated” in some circumstances.
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Courts are turning to mediation to help deal with the enormous amount of divorce cases facing them. And, increasingly, counties and states are making mediation before court proceedings mandatory.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process, and can be an alternative to or in addition to traditional family court processes. In mediation, the mediator, a neutral non-interested party, facilitates discussion and problem solving between the parties. Mediation is not couples counseling, and as a neutral party the mediator will not try to discourage nor encourage divorce.

The parties in mediation are not required to reach an agreement. If, however, the parties do reach an agreement, that agreement is binding and enforceable, just like a contract.
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Most people are not looking with excitement at the prospect of divorce. The process can be painful and messy. The best way to survive in tact is to find a divorce lawyer that can help guide you through the ordeal.

6 Secrets To Find A Good Divorce Lawyer

  1. Visit the courts. Seeing a lawyer in action can be one of the best ways to determine if you want to work with that attorney. It can also help to see how different divorce lawyers handle certain situations or which ones tend to focus on certain types of cases.
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Everyone wants to go to court with the top divorce lawyers backing them up. Second best is not good enough when it comes to court situations. The key to finding the best divorce attorneys is to understand what makes them rise to their position at the top of the pack.

Recognizing Top Divorce Lawyers

  1. The right connections — sometimes knowing the right people can be all that is needed to get the court to swing in your direction. Attorneys for divorce are not only connected professionally but also socially with those that they interact with in the system. Continue reading

Finding a cheap divorce lawyer does not mean you are not finding the best divorce attorney for your situation. There are a number of different ways you might be able to bring down the costs of hiring legal professionals.

Three Tips for Hiring a Cheap Divorce Lawyer

  1. Do your own research. Learn something about the divorce process in your state through the internet or through the court house. The more information that you have going into your initial consultation then the more likely you’ll be in a position to negotiate a lower cost and end up hiring a cheap divorce attorney.
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